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Fishers' North Sea Stock Survey

The Fishers' North Sea Stock Survey is an annual survey of Fishers' perceptions of the state of fish stocks in the North Sea, with the aim of making this knowledge available to fisheries scientists and fisheries managers.

The survey uses questionnaires circulated to fishermen in Belgium, Denmark, England, the Netherlands, and Scotland. Fishermen are asked to record their perceptions of how the abundance, size range, discards and recruitment of eight species of fish (cod, common sole, haddock, monkfish, Nephrops, plaice, saithe, & whiting) have change from the previous year. The fishermen are also asked for information on their fishing vessel size, fishing gear used and area of operation, and about their perceptions of changes in the difficulty of getting or retaining crew, their economic circumstances (costs & profits), and their general level of optimism for the future.

The data collected through the survey is compiled and analysed, and reports prepared, by the NAFC Marine Centre.

For further details of the survey, please see the introductory section of the most recent report.

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Reports summarising the results of each year's survey may be downloaded from here (in PDF format).
Larger files are also available in separate parts.

Latest Reports

Previous Reports

  • 2007 - complete report (2MB)
  • 2006 - complete report (1MB)
  • 2005 - complete report (1MB)
  • 2004 - complete report (2MB)
  • 2003 - complete report (1MB)
  • 2002 - complete report (3MB)